Self-service Banking

Service Overview

Managed up to three Hang Seng Accounts on one card and transfer up to the available balance of these accounts
Cash withdrawal
- Withdrawal daily limit up to HKD20,000
- Selected ATMs provide RMB withdrawal services
* For Prestige Banking accounts / Preferred Banking accounts the cash withdrawal daily limit up to HKD30,000
- Transfer daily limit up to HKD999,000 for accounts that are linked to the same account card
- Transfer daily limit up to HKD120,000* per customer for transfer to other Hang Seng accounts / HSBC accounts which are not linked to the account card
* The Transfer daily limit also shared by e-Banking and Phone Banking for transfer to non-registered third party accounts
Account balance Enquiry
- Enquire up to three Hang Seng Accounts on one card
Credit card account enquiry
Credit card repayment
Cash advance
Bill payment
Change PIN
Request account statement
Request cheque book
Reset Phone Banking PIN
Activate Phone Banking
MPF account enquiry
Change language
Close account
Find your nearest ATM
Quick Cheque Deposit Machine
Service Overview

Support deposit Hong Kong dollar cheques, gift cheques and cashier's orders
Insert up to 30 cheques each time
Deposit cheque to HKD savings / current account or make payment for Hang Seng Credit Card
Find your nearest Cheque Deposit Machines
How to use Quick Cheque Deposit Machine
* Cheque deposit made after cut-off time will be processed on the next business day
Quick Cash Deposit Machine
Service Overview

Accept bulk deposit of up to 100 notes each time
* Some machines can only accept bulk deposit of up to 50 notes each time
Deposit daily limit up to HKD100,000*
* By keying in account number, the deposit daily limit is up to HKD20,000
Accept notes denominations of HKD100, HKD500 and HKD1,000
Find your nearest Cash Deposit Machines
How to use Quick Cash Deposit Machine

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