Preferred Banking

Hang Seng Preferred Banking’s all-in-one service helps manage and grow your wealth through:
Monthly Fee
The Monthly Service Fee will be based on your Total Relationship Balance(1) over the past calendar month.
Total Relationship Balance
Monthly Fee
HKD200,000 or above
HKD50,000 to HKD199,999
Below HKD50,000
If you use the Integrated Account of Preferred Banking for set-up your auto-payroll(2); have holdings placed in the subsidiary investment account of Preferred Banking(3); or hold a valid designated life insurance plan distributed by Hang Seng Bank Limited as an agent(4), you can enjoy a Monthly Fee Wavier simply by maintaining a monthly Total Relationship Balance at or above HK$20,000 or equivalent(5).
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The Total Relationship Balance is the monthly aggregate balance of the daily average of all deposits, gold accounts, securities, investment funds, utilized overdraft facilities, credit card cash advances, outstanding balance of personal loans and the accumulated premiums paid for the designated life insurance plans distributed by Hang Seng Bank as an agent as well as Hang Seng MPF balance. For sole name Integrated Account holders, their other joint name account(s) will also be included.
Please contact your employer to make the necessary arrangements. As a valid Auto-payroll account, Integrated Account of Preferred Banking must have Auto-payroll transactions for at least two months within the three months' period prior to the monthly fee collection date. The monthly fee waiver is applicable to customers who have payroll transactions in HKD only.
Holdings (include designated Securities or Investment Fund) in the subsidiary Investment Account of Preferred Banking must be transacted at or before month end, and deposited to the account for not less than one day.
The designated life insurance plan must still be valid at each month end. For joint-named Preferred Banking Account, each account holders must hold a valid life insurance plan.
Customers can enjoy the monthly fee waiver in the following month if he/she maintains a monthly Total Relationship Balance of HK$20,000 or above (or its equivalent) and fulfills the designated criteria in the past calendar month. If customer cancels or does not fulfill the designated criteria, the standard monthly fee for the Preferred Banking will be applied. Please contact our branch staff for offer details and relevant terms and conditions.
Hang Seng Bank Limited (the "Bank") reserves the right to suspend, vary or discontinue any offers and services at anytime without further notice. The Bank also reserves the right to revise any interest rates, fees and charges from time to time subject to the Bank's notice for any such variation. In case of dispute, the decision of the Bank shall be final.

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