Details of All-in-One Order and Handling Logic

Investment involves risks and prices of securities may go up or down and may even become valueless. Investors should read the relevant Risk Disclosure Statement before making any investment decision.
Experience more flexibility in your investment by using All-in-One Order.
All-in-One Order

All-in-One Order allows you to place a purchase order and a sale order of same security in one go. Once the purchase order is FULLY executed before the market closes on the specified expiry date, ALL the shares/units bought will be processed automatically according to your preset selling instruction.

You can place your preset selling instruction and experience flexibility in securities trading without focusing on changes on securities price.
All-in-One Order involves 2 order instructions(1):
Limit Purchase Order
Purchase price cannot be lower than 50% of current ask price.
Limit Sale Order or
Stop Loss Order
Limit Sale Order
Selling price cannot be higher than 1 time of current bid price.
Stop Loss Order
Customers are required to preset the selling price range i.e. Stop Loss Price and Lowest Selling Price:
Stop loss price is defined within 11 spreads and 50 spreads away from current nominal price.
Lowest selling price can be lower than or equal to stop loss price but it cannot be lower than HK$0.01.
Note: Quantity and expiry date of the purchase order and sale order must be the same. Upon receipt of your instruction, a purchase order reference number will be given to you up-front.
Example on How to Process the All-in-One Order
Assume a customer would like to buy 3,000 shares of Stock A at HK$14 and sell at HK$14.50. The order will be expired on 25 February 2013.

When the purchase order is FULLY executed before the market closes on the specified expiry date (i.e. successfully bought 3,000 shares of Stock A on or before 25 February 2013), the system will process the selling instruction automatically and generate a related sale order (i.e. sell 3,000 shares of Stock A at HK$14.50).

For a multiple day order, regardless of the final execution result, the order will be lapsed and cancelled at the close of market on the expiry day or at the time your cancellation request is duly handled, whichever is the earlier. If the purchase order is FULLY executed before the market closes on the specified expiry date and the related sale order is a Stop Loss Order, once the Stop Loss Order is triggered and sent to the market, this order will be lapsed and cancelled after the market close and will NOT be carried forward to the next trading day.
Handling of All-in-One Order

Amendment is not provided. For All-in-One Order, regardless of whether the purchase instruction or the sale instruction is pending for execution, you cannot amend the order. You can cancel the order and place a new order once the cancellation is duly handled.
Orders are not applicable to pre-opening session and will be processed in the continuous trading session.
Orders have to be processed automatically by the system. We do not accept All-in-One Order placement with exceptions which require manual handling, including but not limited to odd lots, prices below HK$0.01, quantities over 3,000 lots, estimated settlement amount that cannot cover the charges, and orders on securities that do not have a previous closing price etc.
Wide Choice of Trading Channels

Hang Seng Personal e-Banking(2)
Automated Securities Trading Hotline(2)
Manned Securities Trading Hotline(2)
The Bank reserves the right to change the spreads without prior notice.
All-in-One Order involves 2 instructions, one purchase order and one sale order, both the purchase and sale orders are subject to the brokerage fee (0.25% of transaction amount, minimum HK$100) and the transaction charges charged by third parties such as Transaction Levy, Stamp Duty and Trading Fee, etc.
After a securities transaction has been executed, the Bank will make available the essential features of the securities transaction as soon as reasonably possible through such means or medium including but not limited to Personal e-Banking, Automated Securities Trading Hotline, Instant Order Confirmation Service or personal call provided by the Bank from time to time and at the Bank’s discretion. Customers shall check the essential features of the securities transactions by themselves through such means or medium provided by the Bank.
The Bank will try its best to process your order but it might NOT be performed due to fluctuation in stock price, insufficient market liquidity, system failure and any event beyond the control of the Bank. The order may be FULLY EXECUTED, PARTIALLY EXECUTED or UNEXECUTED. The executed price of Stop Loss Order may also be BETTER, EQUAL TO OR WORSE THAN your specified Stop Loss Price but not lower than your Lowest Selling Price.
Important Note:
Customers shall read in detail and understand the special features and handling procedures content before using All-in-One Order.

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