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Earn Attractive Interest Returns

You can earn credit interest in your IBS Savings Account at the same rate as your mortgage interest(1) during the mortgage period
To give you maximum flexibility, you can link up to three mortgage loans to your IBS Account(2) and get high returns from your total savings

Notes :
The IBS Savings Account offers a preferential interest rate for an amount of up to 50% of the mortgage loan outstanding principal. The cap will be adjusted according to the mortgage loan outstanding principal. Hang Seng Bank's (“the Bank”) standard savings rate will be applied on savings deposits exceeding the cap.
If more than one mortgage loan is linked to the IBS Account, the preferential savings rates will be applied in the same descending order as the mortgage rates. Preferential savings rate(s) for the IBS Savings Account will be terminated upon payment default of any one of the mortgage loan(s). The minimum mortgage loan size is HKD1,000,000 and it is subject to standard mortgage fees and charges.
Loan approval is entirely at the discretion of the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to adjust any interest rates, fees, charges, special offers and other terms and conditions from time to time.
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