Investment Fund Services

Investment Fund Services enable your company to:
Apply for subscription for, switching and redemption of investment funds via online Hang Seng Business e-Banking*, designated manned hotline and your Relationship Managers
Select various funds managed by Hang Seng Investment Management Limited and other leading fund houses
Receive notification of order execution results via text messages to mobile phones and/or e-mails through e-Alert Services for Investment Funds Order Notification1
Obtain overdraft facilities by pledging2 the fund units for greater financial flexibility

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*Important Note:
For online Investment Fund Services under Business e-Banking, please note no maximum daily limit will be applied to the transactions of Investment Funds Account(s). Primary User(s) may singly give instructions, enter into transactions with, and operate this/these account(s). Please refer to our Relationship Manager or call the 24-hour Business Partner Direct on 2198 8000 for details or relevant terms and conditions of Hang Seng Online Investment Fund Services.

Only available to local mobile phone numbers issued by telecom companies in Hong Kong which start with specified digits. Customers are required to register in order to enjoy this service and are responsible for any fees and charges which may be levied by the telecom company from time to time.
The Bank shall have the absolute discretion of granting the overdraft facility and specifying loan ratio(s) in respect of each unit of collateral from time to time. The overdraft facility shall be subject to the relevant terms and conditions applicable to the facility.

Investors should note that investment involves risks (including the possibility of loss of the capital invested), prices of fund units may go up as well as down and past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance. Investors should read the relevant funds offering documents (including the full text of the risk factors stated therein (in particular those associated with investments in emerging markets for funds investing in emerging markets)) in detail before making any investment decision.
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